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Across the fluid lanes of time
From all creation to the end,
We yearn to move, advance and climb,
Accepting where our fate will send.

We cannot change the paths we take;
Decision comes but only once;
We use our knowledge from mistake
For answers sought in endless hunts.

But if we had control of time and space,
And we could then return ourselves to any place,
And go redo the things weve done with actions to replace,
Wed never learn of consequence; wed never have mistakes to face.

If time and space we could apprise,
The future wed revise,
With no surprise,
Or lies.

But time is not our master here,
And rather, we walk side by side,
Into the vast unknown frontier;
Its not our rival, but our guide.
A poem I wrote about three years ago. It has a regular meter through most of it, but note that on the parts where it talks about changing time, the meter increases or decreases. :)
Yagamiseven Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
This is good.
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